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Opolglass deals with processing and sale of flat glass and glazing units. We deliver glass panes and glass for almost every industry. There are various types of glass panes and safety glass, including tempered glass, bullet-proof glass, protective glass preventing external influence, decorative glass panes and glass, and glass façades.

Almost 15 years of experience in the industry has enabled us to adjust our offer specifically to customer needs. This specialisation has brought tangible benefits to both us and our customers, including the highest quality of offered products and services, and high customer service standards. The regular development means that Opolglass has become a major supplier of the glass industry in Poland and abroad.

In the first quarter of 2009, as one of the few companies in Poland, Opolglass Sp. z o.o. underwent the QUALITY BOND audit carried out by experts from Dow Corning. Dow Corning is considered to be the world leader providing over 90% of the world production of structural silicone, and the quality and stability of parameters of its products guarantee the highest quality of structural glazing. Stringent requirements of strength and durability are applied to the silicones: DC 3362, DC 993 and DC 895 and 995 used in structural glazing. They must demonstrate the complete resistance to UV and weather changes. The purpose of the QUALITY BOND audit was to confer the 2009/2010 certificate and license in respect of the structural glazing produced at Opolglass with the use of Dow Corning silicones. Since 2010, Opolglass has been a member of the SANCO group that associates many insulating glass pane producers on the internal EU market.

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Safety glass

Tempered glass panes / glass
Tempered glass is a type of glass processed by thermal treatment in order to put the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension, increasing its mechanical strength and making it extremely hard and resistant to destruction. It is used in both fixed elements, e.g. display windows, and in table tops or shop counters.

Bullet-proof glass panes / glass
This type of glass is used in places where you want to protect an area from gun fire, ensuring excellent security and improving the comfort of work. Bullet-proof glass is used wherever particular attention is paid to the safety of people and protection of property, e.g. bureaux de change, bank counters, ticket offices. It is also used in places where glass shattering would put people nearby at risk.

Security glass panes / glass
Security glass prevents unauthorised people from having access to rooms. Security glass panes replace bars in both public places and private flats. They are used in display windows, banks and other institutions that are at a particular risk of adverse activities of third parties.

Protective glass

Noise-reduction glass panes / glass
Glass of this type perfectly reduces noise in places that are to be insulated from outside sounds. It provides excellent acoustic comfort wherever needed. Noise-reduction glass should be used whenever no other means can be applied to eliminate the source of noise whose intensity is too strong and threatens human health.

Heat-insulating glass panes / glass
Heat-insulating glass panes are made of glass with high heat-insulating performance whose function is to transmit light and solar energy inside rooms, preventing heat loss to the outside. Heat-insulating glass panes are used in business premises, flats and detached houses where you want to maintain a certain temperature. Opolglass delivers double-glazed and triple-glazed heat-insulating glass panes.

Solar-control glass panes / glass
Due to the high absorption of solar radiation, glass used to make solar-control glass panes perfectly protects from excessive sunlight. We produce body-tinted glass, e.g.: in shades of brown, blue, green or graphite, and reflective glass containing colourful reflections in various colours. Due to the possibility of extreme heating by solar radiation, it is recommended that the glass be previously tempered in order to avoid cracks or damage in the future.

Glass for façades and small structures

Glass panes / glass for façades
Glass for façades means a type of glass that is used in the so-called structural glazing where glass elements are fixed to a building structure with the silicone adhesive being the only binder. Modern glass façades are used in modern architecture and in various design solutions. Most office buildings, shops, hotels or restaurants have façades made entirely or partially of glass. The glass is available in several product ranges:
COOL–LITE K and SK are characterised by selective solar control, letting the maximum light in and the minimum heat out; this reduces costs of air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter,
COOL-LITE KT is a new generation of selective glass suitable for tempering,
COOL-LITE ST may be bent, fritted or covered with screen printing.

Glass panes / glass for structural glazing
Structural glazing is used in the glazing system where glass panes are bonded directly onto a metal structure. This method enables to achieve completely glazed façades or curtain walls. This type of glazing enables architects to create completely glazed buildings with glass façades in each plane. Therefore, it is possible to create a highly attractive working environment with more light and an excellent sense of space. Supporting structures (including glass ribs) located inside or outside may be small or dominant, depending on requirements. This type of solution gives architects the freedom to create impressive buildings made of glass (glass façades) and roofs, which are becoming an unusual feature of the modern architecture.


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